Smart Surfing for Mac

Smart Surfing for Mac 1.60

Spyware and web surfing protection tool for Macs


  • Gives peace of mind while surfing
  • Includes a useful filter
  • Performs system scans
  • Realtime protection


  • No indication of what the different levels of protection offer
  • Updates take a while
  • Leaves behind components after uninstalling

Not bad

Staying secure while surfing the web is becoming an increasing concern for everyone. With spyware, trojan threats and viruses out there, the potential pitfalls are many.

Smart Surfing for Mac is somewhere between a virus checker and a web monitor providing a convenient interface where you can activate a number of protection measures. When you install Smart Surfing for Mac, you will be asked for your system admin password. When you open the main interface, you have three main options - Detect Web Threats, Real-Time Scanning and Automatic Updates. All of these should be switched to the On position for maximum security.

You will also notice that Smart Surfing for Mac also places an icon in your Menu Bar for easy access to activation, preferences and updates. The level of protection can be set at Low, Medium or High although there's no real explanation as to the difference between these or whether using High may prevent normal usage of certain websites. There is a handy filter too which adults can use to protect their kids from sexually explicit or violent sites containing keywords or domains.

If you do suspect that spyware has been installed on your machine, you can also perform a one-off scan which does take a while but should uncover any potential spyware threats.

While Smart Surfing for Mac is probably more the sort of tool Windows users will be accustomed to,

Smart Surfing for Mac


Smart Surfing for Mac 1.60

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